Dubrovnik&Beyond-Kayaking on the River

It is our pleasure to present you the spectacular kayaking and canoeing experience on the Trebižat

River flows, between hills and forests in inhabited area, magical world away from crowded beaches

and swimming areas.

Due to its position, approximately 120 km from Dubrovnik, this trip will make an ideal escape from

the ordinary. There is no practically age limit for doing Canoe Safari,and It is a perfect choice for

those who are looking for good adrenalin, as well for those seeking to relax and connect with the


With assistance of experienced guides you will learn how to use peddles to steer the canoe in no

time, as well how to handle more demanding sections of the river. Depending on your wishes, you

will also have a free time, whether for swimming or just relaxing.

After reaching the finish point , this rout ends with a lunch by the river ,in authentic outdoor

konoba. You can choose between different traditional dishes, vegetarian, fish and peka

(roasted meat under the bell).


• 7a.m departure from Dubrovnik

• 10a.m. location of start

• 2p.m end of the tour, lunch and free time

• 4p.m return to Dubrovnik

• 6p.m proximate arrival time

PRICE: 50€ per person + 350€ transfer up to 8 people.

INCLUDED: Pick up and return transfer to

accommodation in Dubrovnik, Kayak and accessories,

guides/skipper, lunch and drinks.

*Passport obligatory

*Local currency: Convertible Mark-KM

*The tour is available every day