KORČULA, Dionysian path - Group Tour

This wine and food lovers tour will make a grand introduction to the rich gastronomic region of southern Croatia.

On our Dionysian path you will discover the home of great explorer Marco Polo on the island of Korčula; the vineyards and olive gardens of Pelješac Peninsula, “European great wall of China”, and the city of Ston - famous for salt and oyster production.


Our first stop is a town well known for salt production and oyster production. Ston played an important role in the old Dubrovnik Republic since salt was a precious resource. The 5.5-kilometre wall - often referred to as “European great wall of China” was constructed to protect the salt pans which are still operating to this day.


The relaxing ferry ride takes about half an hour to reach the island of Korčula. The birthplace of Marco Polo. Korčula is the sixth largest Croatian island with rich history and archeological finds dating back to the 2nd millennium BC. After the guided tour there is also enough free time to go swimming and/or exploring.


After the ferry ride back to Pelješac, we stop at a local cellar to taste what this peninsula is best known for - wine. The abundance of sunshine produces high sugar content in grapes and high alcohol content in wine, so be careful when sipping some of the best wines Croatia has to offer. Before returning to Dubrovnik, we make one short break to admire the beautiful Neretva river delta. It is the most fertile land in this region and it can be seen from the peninsula. This region is also famous for oysters, and optionally oyster tasting can be arranged with a surcharge.





Approximate departure: 07:15h

Approximate return: 18:00h

Available days: Monday and Friday 01.05.-31.10.

Included: transfer, guide, local guide, ferry tickets, wine degustation

National currency: Kuna



Departure Dubrovnik

08:20 - Arrival to Ston, free time (cca. 45min)

11:00- Arrival in Orebić, ferry ride to Korčula

11:15- Korčula - guided tour of the city, free time (cca. 3h)

14:30 - Ferry back to Orebić

16:00- Wine tasting in domestic wine cellar

18:00 - Approximate return to Dubrovnik


Price: 410 HRK (56€) per person