Vespa Tour Dubrovnik

Special experience for two wheels lovers, and those who are yet to become one. On this one of a kind Vespa tour you will get to choose between 50cc, 125cc and 200cc Vespas motorbikes and join the ride. We will pass by the Old City of Dubrovnik, stop for a history overview at park Orsula and mount Srd, where you will enjoy stunning views of Dubrovnik and the island of Lokrum. The tour continues on Jadranska highway to Dubrovnik bridge. From here we have great view of the Elaphiti islands, business center and the port of Dubrovnik. Our guide will talk about Dubrovnik nowadays, connection to Elaphiti islands and tourism in Dubrovnik.

After stop at Dubrovnik Bridge the tour splits:

- Tour A From Dubrovnik bridge we drive through the port of Dubrovnik, Lapad area towards the start point where the tour ends.

- Tour B From Dubrovnik bridge we come down and drive through suburban area of Mokosica, Rozat and come to our fourth vista, River Ombla spring. Here our guide will talk about the river, and the suburban areas of Dubrovnik. Participants will have the opportunity to taste the spring water. After a short break we continue driving and pass ACI Marina, go through the port of Dubrovnik, Lapad area and come to the start point, where our tour ends.



Tour A – 2h,

Tour B – 2:30h

Tours are held every day at 5pm
* minimum 2 participants per tour
* maximum 8 scooters per tour (16pax)


TOUR A 260 HRK (35 €)
TOUR B 330 HRK (45 €)


Every guest who wants to participate as a driver has to have prior scooter/motorbike driving experience, at least 20 hours, and has to know how to drive a scooter/motorbike. Driver has to have driving license with him, as well as credit card (used for deposit purposes). All possible damage caused by driver of scooter himself, has to be covered by him as well. Each driver is given a scooter for a test ride. In case we see a driver does not know how to drive, for his own safety, he will not be permitted to participate in a role of a driver, and no refund will be approved. In this case he can only go as a pillion driver.