Karaka cruise Elaphite islands

Cruise on Karaka, a magnificent replica of a Dubrovnik Republic traditional merchant ship from the 16th century and explore the picturesque white-stoned towns of the Elaphite Islands, enriched with lush pine-trees and clear blue waters of the Adriatic Sea.


Indulge in beautiful local cuisine – a true delight for all your senses. The Elaphite Island Karaka cruise is one of the most wonderful ways to discover history while cruising on a warm summer day. We sail to the island of Koločep, covered in a dense pine forest with a picturesque fishermen’s village lying along the bay. We will continue to the village of Suđurađ on the island of Šipan, a fisherman’s port with a 16th century summer villa of the Skočibuha family. Our last stop will be the island of Lopud, which boasts a long maritime tradition and is a home to famous captains and sailors. We will take a Lungomare walk to the Franciscan Monastery and the 19th century Gjorgic-Mayneri Park, with enough free time for swimming at one of the sandy beaches.



1. Fish menu; Tuna salad, Grilled fish fillets, Fresh cooked vegetables (or potato salad), Seasonal salad, Fresh fruit

2. Meat menu: Dalmatian smoked 'Buđola' (smoked ham), Grilled chicken fillets, Fresh cooked vegetables (or potato salad), Seasonal salad, Fresh fruit

3. Vegetarian menu: Tomatoes with Mozzarella, Vegetables risotto, Seasonal salad, Fresh fruit



09:00 Departure from port Gruž
09:30 Koločep island sightseeing and free time
10:45 Boat ride to Šipan
11:30 Arrival on Šipan island, sightseeing and free time
12:45 Departure from Šipan to Lopud
13:30 Arrival to Lopud, lunch and free time
16:00 Departure from Lopud
(01.06.-20.08. departure from Lopud at 16:30, 01.09.-15.09. departure at 15:30, 16.09.-30.10. departure at 15:00)
17:00 Arrival at port Gruž
(01.06.-20.08. arrival at Gruž port 17:30, 01.09.-15.09. arrival at Gruž port 16:30)
16.09.-30.10. arrival at Gruž port 15:00)


  • 14.04.-30.10. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
  • 01.06.-15.09. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.


*Operated through a partner company. In case of bad weather the partner company can cancel the tour.

Included: boat cruise, tour escort, chosen lunch menu and one beverage
Note: casual wear, hat, swimsuit, sunscreen and towel recommended

Price: 550 HRK (75€) per person. Private transfer is available on demand, with price starting from 115 HRK (15€)