Dubrovnik&Beyond-Mostar ,private tour

Private tour

This area had different influences over the centuries. Cultures and religions of different kinds, all combined in this area. Drive through picturesque coastal road to Neum and then alongside river Neretva to Mostar.

Upon arrival, Mostar immediately reveals its uniqueness. During the Turkish rule, Mostar developed into a centre for trade as it was situated en route of the trading caravans. Here you will see the beautiful Old Bridge within old centre of Mostar which has been under UNESCO protection since 2005, large number of mosques and interesting bazaar that takes you back in time. On our way back to Dubrovnik we pass through Počitelj, an important strategic town built as a fortress. There are many lovely impressive monuments of oriental architecture.


07:00 – Departure from Dubrovnik. Drive along the coast and through the country side with optional stops.
09:30 – Arrival to Kravice waterfalls nature park followed by free time (entrance fee: 10€/person)
10:30 –Departure for Mostar
11:40 – Arrival to Mostar. Walk to the Old Bridge, followed by free time for sightseeing and lunch
14:40 – Departure from Mostar
17:40 – Returning to Dubrovnik

Included: Transfer and English speaking driver/guide.
*Local guide on demand with added fee.

Local currency: Konvertibilna Marka/Convertible Mark – KM
Passport obligatory
The tour is available every day
The schedule and departure time are flexible. Small Changes can be made during the tour as per guests’ preferences. 
Included: Transfer and driver/guide.

Private tour prices per trip:
Price up to 3 person:  (365€)
Price for 4-8 person: (435€)
Price for 9-19 person:  (1040€)

*10€ entrance fee for Kravice is not included.